Earth to Beauty – Allure April 2020

Allure April 2020 Tge Dixie Chicks

Allure Magazine - April 2020

Models - The Dixie Chicks (Emily Strayer, Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire)

Photographer - Liz Collins

Vanessa Hudgens for Nexplanon

Celebrity Beauty Ads

Camila Cabello for L'OREAL Micro Ink Pen "Microblade-like precision without the commitment."

Camila Mendez for SECRET with Essential Oils "Fierce + Feminine. No Sweat."

Lily Collins for LANCOME Advanced Genifique Youth-Activating Serum

Shelina Moreda for COVERGIRL Lash Blast Volume Mascara

Vanessa Hudgens for NEXPLANON Birth Control Implant

Shelina Moreda CoverGirl Lash Blast

Perfume Ads

Gabrielle CHANEL Essence fragrance ad with Margot Robbie

Fragrance & Beauty Editorials

Our faces get plenty of pampering, but don't forget the other skin you're in. Here are some favorites for the shoulders, knees, toes, and more.

Byredo La Tulipe Body Cream

  • BYREDO La Tulipe Body Cream, $95
    The sweet floral fragrance of this luxurious cream makes me think of spring. A beautiful treat for anyone who likes to layer scent.
  • BEAUTYCOUNTER Body Oil, $75
    I love to mix this citrus- and rosemary-scented oil in my hands with an unscented lotion for a full-body glow.
  • CHANEL a Creme Main, $50
    This keeps hands moisturized with rose flower wax and shea butter. Plus, the egg looks so chic in a handbag.

("Michelle's Most Wanted." Allure Apr. 2020: 8)


This month's picks are good for the face, the body... and the soul.

  • LUSH Charity Pot
    Spread some love on your body (cocoa butter and rosewood oil nourish dry skin) and to organizations advocating for human rights, animal protection, and the environment (100% of the price of the pot, minus taxes, is donated).

("Beauty Reporter: Editors' Favorites." Allure Apr. 2020: 16)


1 in 3 of you isn't getting enough sleep (the CDC says so), but there's nothing worse than being told to get more rest, so we'll skip the preaching and just give you a minute-by-minute plan to make it happen (and look better for it).

  • 10:00 PM - PILLOW TALK
    Before you get under the covers, spritz AWAKE Dream Mist on your pillowcase. The lavender and chamomile scents have been shown to help you fall asleep faster. ($20,

(Suico, Kathleen. "Beauty Reporter: Beauty Sleep." Allure Apr. 2020: 19)


This month marks a milestone in ths 34-year history of the scrunchie, the hair accessory of Olympians and first ladies, and Hollywood's finest, like Madonna and Jason Momoa. This humble piece of elasticized fabric is now getting the high-end-fragrance treatment. AERIN LAUDER teamed up with LoveShackFancy to create floral-printed hair ties that can be scented with her new hair perfume, WILD GERANIUM (an energizing mix of pink pepper, daffofil blooms, lemon, and, obvisouly, geraniums). A spritz on one of the organza scrunchies will keep the fragrance tied to you all day - or at least until you decide to let your hair down.

  • Aerin x LoveShackFancy Wild Geranium Hair Mist (1.5 oz., $65) and floral printed Aerin x LoveShackFancy scrunchies ($65)

(Stables, Paige. "Aerin Lauder Rethinks the Scrunchie." Allure Apr. 2020: 20)


What the beauty experts want now. Jessica Cruel, Allure Features Director.

("Allure Beauty Box." Allure Apr. 2020: 68)


How new alternatives can help the industry's plastic problem. Waste Not, Want More - At Allure, we believe a "sustainable" product contributes little to no waste to the planet, so we put six "eco-friendly" newcomers to the test.

    It arrives in a paper box and completely dissolves after you use it, but not before blessing your hair with the plush scent of rose. Long live the bar! VERDICT: Most sustainable we found.
    It's a first: a high-end perfume bottle encased in a reusable pulp carton (with zero cellophane). You can try to recycle the glass bottle, but sadly the pump will stick around long, long after the scent fades. VERDICT: It's a nice start.

("It Was a Pretty Package." Allure Apr. 2020: 96-97)

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