Caring for Your Crystals

In this month's summer edition of Cosmo magazine, they've shared some advice on how to take care of your Crystals... so they can take care of your better!

10 ways you should be taking care of your pet crystal

Put it on a windowsill to "charge" by absorbing sun / moonlight.

Bury it so it's closer to Mother Earth. (Just, um, make sure you remember where.)

Hold it under running water. Bye, old feels.

Wash away the mems in a bowl of salt water or milk, aka a DIY ~crystal spa~...

...or bring it with you in the bath to share energy. IG pic not required. (Yes, it is.)

Cover it in brown rice, like a phone you dropped in the toilet, to soak up the bad vibes.

Write an intention. Put your crystal on top. Yeah, it can read.

Balance it out with a single-tone song.

Lie down with it on your forehead. Zen!

Stick it in your bra for mutual healing.

Crystal Gemstone Health
Crystal Gemstone Health

*Caution: Not all crystals should get wet or be submerged in water.

Another way to "cleanse" your crystals of bad vibes and "recharge" them... place them on a larger crystal or cut slab of Amethyst or Selenite.

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